COMPOSITE related workshops and presentations

Christe-Zeyse, Jochen/Giljohann, Stefanie/Gruschinske, Mario/Hirschmann, Nathalie & Stein-Müller, Susanne (2014): COMPOSITE - Forschung über und für die Polizei. Poster presentation at the BMBF innovation forum"Civil Security", on 8th May.
Christe-Zeyse, Jochen (2013): Effective Change Management in the Police. Insights From a European Research Projekt. Presentation at CEPOL - Police Research and Science Conference in Münster (Germany) on 13th September.
Rus, Claudia L./Ratiu, Lucia/Vonas, Gabriel & Baban, Adriana (2013): Knowledge Sharing: The Cultural and Hierarchical Determinants. Presentation at the 16thEAWOP congress in Münster (Germany) on 23rd May.
Rogiest, Sofie/Segers, Jesse & Van Witteloostuijn, Arjen (2013): Change Leadership - the impact of the interplay between leaders' and followers' leadership framework on commitment to change. Presentation at the 16thEAWOP Congress in Münster (Germany) on 25thMay 2013.
Lapprand, Dominique (2013): Police accountability and identity. Presentation at the 16thEAWOP congress in Münster (Germany) on 23rdMay 2013.
Brunet, Jean (2013): Enablers and Barriers to Successful Change in European Police Organisations. Presentation at the 16thEAWOP congress in Münster (Germany) on 23rdMay 2013.
Giljohann, Stefanie & Hirschmann, Nathalie (2013): Taylorising Investigative police work: The effects on professional performance and identity. Presentation at the 16thEAWOP congress in Münster (Germany) on 23rdMay 2013.
Christe-Zeyse, Jochen (2013): Stillstand ist Rückschritt! Oder "sändig eine neue Sau durchs Dorf?" Veränderungsmanagement in der Polizei. Presentation at the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Polizeipräsidenten" in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) on 16thMay.
Gascó, Mila & Fernández, Charlotte (2013): Can police organisations be transparent? Opportunities and challenges of social media. Presentation at the 17thIRSPM conference in Prague (Czech Republic).


Bayerl, Petra Saskia. (2013): The COMPOSITE project. Invited presentation at Hallam Sheffield University in the context of the launch of CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence & Organised Crime Research, on March 26th.


Gruschinske, Mario (2013): Collaborative Work Between Police Forces: Knowledge Sharing Capabilities and Best Practices Using the Example of Cross-border German-Polish Police and Customs Cooperation Centre in Świecko (Poland). Presentation at the conference "Police Cooperation in the EU under the Treaty of Lisbon – Opportunities and Limitations" at the BSEL/HWR Berlin (Germany) on February 21st.


Denef, Sebastian (2013): Activities of European Police Forces in Social Networks. Initial lecture at the 16th European Police Congress in Berlin (Germany) on February 19th.


Denef, Sebastian (2013): How Police Services Benefit From Adapting Social Media. Presentation at the SMILE Conference (Social Media the Internet and Law Enforcement) on February 5th in Omaha (Nebraska, United States).


Birdi, Kamal (2013): Who's in the know? An international study of the knowledge sharing effectiveness of European police organisations. Short paper presentation at the Division of Occupational Psychology Conference of the British Psychological Society in Chester (United Kingdom) on January 9th.
Van den Born, Arjan & Barlage, Melody (2012): How to deal with external stakeholders? Some of the iron rules of modern stakeholder management. Presentation at the practitioners conference in Potsdam (Germany) on 11thDecember.
Jacobs, Gabriele (2012): Comparative Police Studies in the EU. Understanding organizational change. Presentation at the practitioners conference in Potsdam (Germany) on 11thDecember.


Bayerl, Petra Saskia (2012): How do police forces make use of Social Media? Practices, experiences - opportunities, challenges, alternative…? Invited talk at the EUROPOL European Law Enforcement Communicators Summit in Den Haag (the Netherlands) on October 15th and 16th.

Bayerl, Petra Saskia (2012): Social Media Survey, COMPOSITE Project. How accepted are social media by European police officers? First results of a social media survey. Presentation at CEPOL Police Research and Science Conference in St. Cyr au Mont d’Or (Lyon, France) on September 25th.


Jacobs, Gabriele (2012): Police Cooperation - COMPOSITE project. Presentation at CEPOL Police Research and Science Conference in St. Cyr au Mont d’Or (Lyon, France) on September 25th.


Vallet, Nathalie (2012): Toezicht en interventie zonder grenzen. Presentation in the context of the CPS-seminar on "Transversality in intervention"at the Cultural centre of Beveren (Belgium) on September 18th.


Gruschinske, Mario & Hirschmann, Nathalie (2012): Implicit Concepts of Police Networking. Presentation at the 15th conference on Empirical Police Science at the University for Police in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany) on September 15th.
Gascó, Mila (2012): The role of organization and culture in ICT change projects. Presentation of the Business School in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 4thSeptember.


Horton, Kate/Bayerl, Petra Saskia/Van der Pluijm, Rick, & Jacobs, Gabriele (2012): The Effect of Hierarchy and Context on Perceptions of Police Identity. Presentation at at the Institute of Work Psychology Conference (IWP) in Sheffield (United Kingdom) on June 27th.


Graham, Leslie (2012): COMparative POlice Studies In The EU: The COMPOSITE Project. A Brief Introduction. Presentation for the Durham Police Constabulary in Durham (United Kingdom) on June 27th.


Denef, Sebastian (2012): WP4: Adoption of Technology. Presentation at the COMPOSITE End User Board meeting in Durham (United Kingdom) on June 12th.


Birdi, Kamal (2012): Work Package 3: Knowledge Sharing Capabilities and Best Practice. Presentation at the COMPOSITE End User Board meeting in Durham (United Kingdom) on June 12th.


Denef, Sebastian (2012): @police. Die Einführung von sozialen Medien als Kommunikationsmittel europäischer Polizeibehörden (@police. The Implementation of Social Media as Communication Tool for European Police Forces). Presentation paper at the German Ministry of Research and Education-Innovation Forum of Security Research within the session "Web 2.0 und der Wandel von Arbeit und Organisation in BOS" (Web 2.0 and the change of work and organisation in BOS) on April 18th.


Gascó-Hernández, Mila & Saz-Carranza, Angel (2012): Inter-organizational Coordination: How Police Forces Relate to Political Principals, Judicial Bodies, and Other Police Forces. Presentation paper at the XVI Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) within panel 15 "New Ideas About Interorganisational Collaborations" in Rome (Italy) on April 12th.


Oord, Ad van den (2012). De nodale oriëntatie van PZ Westkust (Nodal Orientation at West-Coast Police). Presentation of the Belgian COMPOSITE case-study "Nodal Orientation at West-Coast Police” based on WP2 at the Federal police Brugge (Belgium) on February 16th.


Vallet, Nathalie/Oord, Ad van den (2012). Geïntegreerde politionele netwerken in Belgische Euregio’s...worstelen met de complexe bestuurlijke drukte (Integrated Police Networks in Belgian Euregions...struggling with complex structures and institutional frameworks). Presentation on WP1, WP2 and WP3 at the Police Academy of Jurbise (Belgium) on February 16th.


Kaptein, Nico (2012). Integrating Police IT Systems. Workshop at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police, Lyon (France) on January 23th to 24th.


Kaptein, Nico/Denef, Sebastian (2012). Mobile IT in Law Enforcement. Workshop at the Politieacademie, Warnsveld (Netherland) on January 11th.


Lapprand, Dominique & Denef, Sebastian (2011): The COMPOSITE Project: An Introduction. “A research program on effective organizational change in EU police forces”. Presentation at the Paris Caserne des Célestins Garde Répubicaine (France) on December 6th.


Andrei, Daniela/Raţiu, Lucia/Oţoiu, Cătălina & Chirică, Sofia (2011): Professional performance within a Romanian police force in the context of change. Presentation at the PSIWORLD Conference in Bucharest (Romania) in October 2011.


Rus, Claudia Lenuta/Vonaş, Gabriel & Băban, Adriana (2011). An analysis of environmental changes, resources and performance: An internal police organization perspective. Poster presentation at the PSIWORLD Conference in Bucharest (Romania) on October 27th to 30th.


Graham, Leslie (2011): Work Package 2: Identification of Internal Capabilities, Strengths and Best Practices. Presentation at the End User Board meeting in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) on October 20th to 21st.


Birdi, Kamal (2011): COMparative POlice Studies In The EU. The COMPOSITE Project An Introduction. Presentation to the ACPO Chief Constables’ Council in York (United Kingdom) on October 20th.


Denef, Sebastian (2011). Visions in a Messy World. Presentation of COMPOSITE at the Security Research Conference in Warsaw (Poland) on September 19th to 20th.


Denef, Sebastian (2011). Social Media as a Tool for Police Communication. Summary. Workshop at Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin (Germany) on June 15th.