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2014-07-07 12:27

COMPOSITE conference "Good Leaderships in Times of Change – Empirical Findings and Suggestions for Police Leaders" by Kate Horton

COMPOSITE's final conference on "Good Leaderships in Times of Change – Empirical Findings and Suggestions for Police Leaders" on 12 and 13 June 2014 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

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2014-07-03 13:45

"Police is regain control by using twitter and Co."

COMPOSITE researcher were interviewed about their research on "police & social media".

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COMPOSITE consortium meeting in Brno (Czech Republic)

2013-04-29 11:54

“It was again a pleasure to meet everyone again and to share impressions about the findings of the interviews. It is always great to see how police forces are different but also how they have so many things in common despite the cultural differences. The meeting was also a great opportunity to share how the last months of the project are going to be, and in particular, how we are going to gather specific information that would help to have a better understanding of change processes.“ (statement of a Spanish COMPOSITE team member).
In Brno, the consortium members discussed the results of more than 150 interviews which have been conducted in autumn/winter 2012 and provide a basis for the first cross-country comparison report of Work Package 4 (adaption of ICT), 5 (organisational structure and culture), 6 (leadership) and 7 (identity). This report will be delivered to the EU by the end of April and May 2013. Furthermore, the interview outcomes are used for the preparation of a core survey in autumn 2013 (quantitative approach). Using the example of a current country specific change process, the core survey will ask for organisational consequences regarding structural and cultural change processes, if – hypothetically – ICT adaption/technology usage can become reality for police forces of the participating countries and last but not least change in general. Independent of certain change projects there are special values and norms which refer to professional and organisational identity and to different forms of leadership. Such questions shall help to identify the important aspects of identity and leadership regarding success and failure of change processes within Europe’s police organisations.
To consider cultural differences between the member countries of the COMPOSITE project the standardised quantitative approach will be enriched by targeted studies: a long-term case study on identity and leadership and a short-term case study on technology adaptation in each country. To give more insight into our research activities the design of all targeted studies will be presented in the context of our new series called COMPS (click here).

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